Have you ever considered whether you might need a dedicated I.P. address? A dedicated I.P. address can offer you many different advantages that you would not have if you have a normal I.P. address. Among the advantages would include being able to manage heavy traffic and not have to be able to figure out how to share an I.P. address with other hosting accounts. This can usually work okay, but if you are on a site with a great deal of encryption then you can run into problems. 86573_AffiliateIcon_ssl_400x400This is where you might need a static, or dedicated, I.P. address.

GoDaddy can offer you a top notch dedicated I.P. address that could help you to fully establish your business and be able to manage heavy traffic as well. GoDaddy also offers their dedicated I.P. address option at a very reasonable price of $5.99 per month. GoDaddy offers awesome technical support as well. One great advantage to utilizing the GoDaddy Static I.P. address service would be that you would be able to access your site at anytime, even when your domain name is not available. All you would have to do is type your dedicated I.P. address into your web browser and you are off and running.

There are many other advantages to utilizing GoDaddy for obtaining your static I.P. address as well. First of all, GoDaddy offers excellent support options including traditional phone support and chat support. Secondly, by utilizing GoDaddy’s static I.P. address option you will join a community of individuals that can help you network and market your business and can find different options for news and other such things. Thanks to the amazing promo codes at https://twitter.com/bestgodaddycode. You can get everything you need to make sure your domain and site are fully ready to go at a discounted price! 

Other advantages to getting a GoDaddy Static I.P. is that it will give you FTP account access and that it will accept SSL certificates. If your domain name is not able to accept SSL certificates things can get considerably difficult in certain situation. Another advantage to getting an I.P. address with GoDaddyFTP-creating_user_with_access_restriction-2 is that you get direct access where the domain can be viewed using a hosting address.

The professionals at GoDaddy will go to all lengths to provide their customers with the utmost of service. They will truly go the extra in providing technical support and in catering to the needs of those that invest in their static I.P. addresses. If you get a static I.P. address with GoDaddy you will never regret the decision. You will be a satisfied customer for many years and may even see your search engine results boosted with a dedicated I.P. address. The benefits of having such an I.P. address with GoDaddy far outweigh any drawbacks. Talk to GoDaddy today about their awesome dedicate I.P. address capabilities.